The link below will take you to the new Aurora Public Schools ETIL Standards Guide. The purpose of this guide is to:
  1. Support all staff that instructs students in a technology lab or library. The following standards can be used as a guide to support instruction and learning.
  2. Guide professional development for staff knowing that if we expect students to acquire a specific skill in a grade level then a teacher should know how to do this also as a minimum expectation.
  3. Prepare students for a technology literacy assessment by the end of the eighth grade and to meet requirements for NCLB. This school year, 2007-2008 will be the first year for the assessment.
  4. Support the goals and actions of VISTA 2010 in the areas of Achievement and Environment.

To see the guide please click here. ETIL_Plan.doc

You can find the revised NETS*S standards by clicking here.

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